Karaktär 2

Karaktär 2
160 cm x
200 cm

Canvas 200 x 180 cm, Aquarelle paper 19 x 24 cm
The painting was painted upside dow in three colours (yellow, red, blue) in a liquid aquarelle style.
Model for the the face is taken from a portrait photo of a friend of the artist

Painting has similarities with clay modelling and can as such be linked to the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus who shaped the first man from dirt and water.

Formless paint can in similar way be modelled to evoke visual and and even tangible sensations. An image of a man arouses thoughts of a real person which is a miracle when you think of the the paint (earth and glue) applied to the flat surface. In a receptive mind this figure can be as real as anyone else.
The formation of the self could be seen as fluid. A person is taking form, is reshaped during time, parts are visible other blurry, is fading in and out- a fluid gestalt