• Portrait paintings

    Portrait painting

    What fascinates me about painting portraits is that likeness can emerge in such a spontaneous or intuitive way.

  • Blind Chance

    Blind Chance

    Paintings based on randomly chosen image material found on the Internet, art history and in movies.

  •  Kenneth Pils (Die Kehre)

    The Turn

    The visitor is invited to experience different readings of paintings and objects by moving around the artwork.

  • Tour d'Horizon, landcape painting

    Tour d'Horizon

    A long frieze of landscape paintings hung on several walls where the horizon in each picture is at the same height regardless of the format. The individual landscapes… more

  • Slow Down (Earth)

    Slow Down

    The openness you can feel when you end up in a new environment. A strange place where nothing can be taken for granted and things are experienced as phenomena rather… more

  • Mother and me

    Childs eye

    Archetypal references from Childhood that formed in my world of thought, my feelings and dreams.

  • State of Mind

    State of mind

    The project is based on a a sculpted head. Placed in various contexts the head become a fictional person who happen to appear in different circumstances.

  • "diaries 2015", 365 drawings and projection, works 21x15cm, charcoal and mixed media on paper, ©Kenneth Pils


    One work every day with the format 15x10cm.

  • Arcadia-Trash


    The images represent a landscape with timeless Archaic features, while the pervasiveness of the materials has a marked here and now feel.

  • Spinning


    "Spinning" weightlessness as a metaphor for the early 21:th century, the psychology of impermanence and the effect of disorientation.