Kenneth Pils (Die Kehre)

The Turn

Exploring art through diverse mediums, I create sculptures inviting viewers into a multi-sensory journey, traversing between rationality and heightened awareness.

Using images, paintings, and drawings as my starting point, I blend different materials like rubber cloths and small sculptures. I dive into a spatial adventure, positioning them within an architectural sculptural framework. My goal? To pull the viewer in, encouraging them to explore different interpretations as they move around the sculpture. I aim to create a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond just looking.

I refer to a "liminal" space as a zone that shifts from one psychological state to another—a place where multiple states exist, not at the same time, but as abrupt transitions- a sudden turn. On one side lies the realm of everyday rationality and efficiency; on the other, a less common state characterized by heightened awareness, openness, participation, and vibrancy.