Blind Chance

Blind Chance

Paintings based on randomly chosen image material found on the Internet, art history and in movies.

Through an elaborate process, images and compositions have been randomly generated to create digital image collages. These have then been transformed through painting into "implausible" artworks open to interpretations.

The internet offers an abundance of images and texts. Time constraints often lead to skipping over things that are unclear, doubtful, or not directly relevant. It is said that decisions about whether to stay on a website are made in less than a second. What happens if instead, we let chance govern the selection and give "what is shown" undivided attention? To take a closer look at an image that it's highly unlikely we would have dealt with. Can this way help us depart from the highways of stereotypes? Perhaps we will discover the overlooked; things we haven't had time to let surface.

Even though most original motifs are photographic, the end result is something else. In this transformation from original to painting, I am open to unknown encounters with materials and sudden inspiration, a zone where anything can happen...