Tour d'Horizon, landcape painting

Tour d'Horizon


I hang a frieze of landscape paintings so that the horizon in each picture is at the same height regardless of the painting's format. Together, these individual landscapes form a larger panoramic view.

The relationship to the paintings is twofold: they can be perceived both as integrated parts of a larger whole and as individual images. The installation also has a physical presence that engages the body; I move around it and seek different angles to view the artwork. The installation forms a panoramic view where each individual painting remains unique, with its own composition, expression, and mood, while also being part of a larger whole. I experience a horizontal journey as I walk along the series of images in the room.

The act of painting itself is also a journey. My gaze explores the picture, my hand works and changes the painting; from the sweeping overview to the individual detail. When the image touches me, I inhabit it and find a temporary home - at least for a moment.