diaries | Ratskeller Lichtenberg | diaries 2015

Ratskeller Lichtenberg
Möllendorffstr. 6
10367 Berlin


diaries is a collaborative project conducted over the course of one year by Christine Baumann (Vienna), Julia Hürter (Berlin), Michaela Nasoetion (Berlin) and Kenneth Pils (Stockholm).
- diaries represents the further development of an initiative by Christine Baumann and Julia Hürter, which was first exhibited in Vienna in 2014 under the title diaries 2013 – as days go by.
- The concept was for each artist to produce one picture every day over the period of one year.
- The format was individually chosen by the artists, who also decided on the artistic implementation.
- The exhibition is part of the framework of the Berlin Art Week 2015.

Installation with 365 diary drawings. Each drawing in A5 format, on 600 gr paper.