Toolbox - Liminal

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Toolbox - Liminal

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Group shows
Fri 27 January - Sun 19 February

Galerie Toolbox
Koloniestraße 120

Di–Sa/ Tue–Sa: 14-18 Uhr


Visual artists from Germany and Sweden approach the topic of Liminaliy.

Åsa Elieson (Stockholm, Sweden: installation, text, performative)
Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa (Stockholm, Sweden: installation, sculpture, interactive, textile)
Kenneth Pils (Stockholm, Sweden: painting, installation, drawing)
Ricarda Wallhäuser (Berlin, Germany: collage, installation, performative)
Katarina Wiklund (Stockholm, Sweden: installation, textile, sculpture)

Works info: 

Liminal: etymology "limes" (Latin) meaning threshold.
Project exhibition text

The word liminal is used in connection with: (1) a transition period or the initial stage of a process, (2) that something occupies a position, or both sides of a border or threshold.

Liminal condition can be described as a place where we are open to anything; where we leave the "ordinary" and allows something else to occur. The transition can be described as passing a threshold or break through a membrane. The shift may be perceived as intimidating as the need for control is suspended, but at the same time a possibility for change and renewal. The liminal in-between space is characterized by openness, active listening and adherence to things that occur.
How does a liminal place feel; where can you find it, and what does it look like? In the project "Liminal" the participants gives his vision on the theme and develop artworks in the direction he / she wants.

The project is part of "Being In The World," an international and interdisciplinary practice-based art project that explores temporal and spatial perception. The idea is that participants work together to come closer to the topic, get together, discuss it and make new works.



In this project, I use the word liminal as denoting a zone where you go from one psychological state to another, and an intermediate position where both coexist. Specifically, on the one hand, a condition characterized by routine rationality and efficiency on the other, a rarer condition to feel awake, open, participatory and vibrant.

This type of liminality is something I already touched upon in another project 'diaries'(ongoing since 3 years); in which I make one picture every day without any restrictions other than the size of paper used.
Many of the images have a "liminal" character. That is to say: an ambivalent pictorial whole built upon incoherent picture elements which gives an uncertain basis for interpretation. I find these images simultaneously disenchanted and incomprehensible; generic and implausible, scary and hopeful.

Within the framework of our project 'Liminal' I will use some of these images as a starting point for a spatial investigation. By placing them in an architectural context I want to find a way to invite the spectator to experience different readings by moving around the sculpture. A liminal experience.