Supermarket Art Fair 2017 - Emotional Circus

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Supermarket Art Fair 2017 - Emotional Circus

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Thu 23 March - Sun 26 March
Supermarket Art Fair 2017

Svarta Huset, Metro Telefonplan


Invited exhibitor to the exhibition "Emotional Circus" by Galerie/Kunstraum TOOLBOX participating i Supermarket Art Fair 2019.

Galerie TOOLBOX is an artist-run gallery run by artist-cooperative TOOLBOX of seven artist members, one of them a german artist living in Berlin, six members are Finnish, living in Finland.  TOOLBOX is a member of Kolonie Wedding, which is an artist-run art-space/gallery-organization in Berlin.

Emotional Circus
Human life and human experiences contain a large spectrum of emotional nuances. Emotions transmit various meanings. Without emotions the human social world would be empty and meaningless. The understanding of human emotions requires a holistic analytical view, which takes into account man´s consciousness, embodiment and situationality. Emotions are significant part of the human world of experiences. Emotions can be discernible or undetectable, powerful or weak, rich in nuances or solid. Emotions make the life meaningful. Things experienced through emotions have a meaning in the human sense. In emotions live our past experiences, our personality, intentions, knowledge, values and world view. TOOLBOX "Emotional Circus" contains these expressions in the form of art.