Studio44 - Total Recall

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Studio44 - Total Recall

Exhibition information
Group shows
Thu 12 April - Sun 29 April

Tjärhovsgatan 44



  • Raphael Egli: Artist: Painting, Installation, Luzern Switzerland
  • Susanne Högdahl Holm - Artist, Member of the artist run gallery Studio 44, Sweden
  • Kate Larson- Poet, philosopher, writer and in charge of the publishing house Lejd.
  • Kenneth Pils- Artist, Member of the artist run gallery Studio 44, Sweden
  • Bertram Schilling- Artist, Member of the artist run group Microwesten, Germany
  • Nicholas Smith- Presently teaches history of philosophy, contemporary philosophy (both continental and analytical) and psychoanalytical theory at Södertörn University, Stockholm.
  • Pontus Raud- Artist, Founder of Supermarket Art Fair and member of the artist run gallery Studio 44, Sweden
Works info: 

The big wall
Acrylic on cotton
ca 3x3 m

The other wall, from bottom left.
- Thread-fairness-dawn
Acrylic on canvas 180 100 cm

- Clubhouses-greenies-lemonade
Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 133 cm

- Smile-budget-integral
Acrylic on canvas, 115 x 79 cm

- Condensing-treat-wombat
Acrylic on canvas, 66x64 cm

The paintings in the exhibition “Total Recall” contains images taken from the internet. Through an elaborate random process the images and composition are chosen to generate a digital photo collage which are transformed by the act of painting into “inplausible” works of art open to our interpretation.

The Internet offers an abundance of images and text. Time shortage compels a reading technique that follows the familiar patterns of thought, where content is quickly summarized, to determine whether it is worth our attention. What happens if we instead let chance rule the selection process and provide “what emerges” our undivided attention? Does the chances of detecting repressed or overlooked aspects; the possibilities to develop increase?