Studio 44 - Labyrinth

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Studio 44 - Labyrinth

Exhibition information
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Fri 18 November - Sun 4 December
Studio 44

Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm, hitta hit.

onsdag– fredag 12–18, lördag – söndag 12–16.


Why Labyrinth? As an artist, you are constantly going astray. In the process occurs somewhat unexpected surprises and turns. Factors to consider - include or reject. We have chosen this theme also opens up the opportunity to try a spatial solution that includes many artists. Terms of content, the artists, these 20 members of Studio 44, to relate to the subject or not. The viewer is invited to wander into artworks.


Participating artists
Nils Agdler, Agneta Björklund, Lillemor Boman Carlén, Jannike Maria Brantås, Åsa Elieson, Michael Ellburg, Richard Fåreus, Joel Hurlburt, Andrea Hvistendal, Karin Häll, Susanne Högdal Holm, Andrea Hösel, Monica Larsson, Monica Masser, Monica Melin, Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa, Kenneth Pils, Christine Wamhof, Peter Westman, Erik Wijkström

Works info: 

”Light, water, outrage”
Acrylic on cotton, 3 x 3 meter, two parts, shown in a corner

Interchangeable units melting together in the act of painting. The ephemeral is founded through commitment and presence.
The work based on a photo collage composed of three random images taken from the internet.
They are chosen by using a combination of random methods. First three words are randomly picked and then by using image search the images that belong to the key words are picked.
Images were then assembled together to flow into each other.
The assembly has finally been painted in the same fabric as the walls of the exhibition