Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10 - Belichtete Gegend

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Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10 - Belichtete Gegend

Exhibition information
Group shows
Tue 13 November - Sat 15 December
Kulturwerkstatt Haus 10

Kloster Fürstenfeld 10b


The group show "Exposed area" in the monastery Fürstenfeldbruck is the second exhibition in the context of international exchange and cooperation networking project on landscape / nature with artists from Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

The focus is the ambivalent nature of today's appropriation of nature, the resolution is forgotten forms sizes, and the increasing interpenetration of nature and human activities.


Ute Litzkow (Berlin, Germany: drawing, painting)
Monika Müller (Lucerne, Switzerland: drawing, mural painting)
Kenneth Pils (Stockholm, Sweden: painting, installation)
Christine Rath (Munich, Germany: painting)
Ulrike Riede (Munich, Germany: photo, sculpture, installation)
Bertram Schilling (Munich / Sonthofen, Germany: painting, collage, video)
Stefan Winkler (Ulm, Germany: painting, mural painting)

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Big änd small is contrasted in this show. The large scale painting Light, water, outrage is put next to the small paintings from the series Dwelling.

Its a showcase where it become obvious how the zoom in, zoom out factor is part of our intrepretation and experience. The works is part of two projects.