Konstnärshuset - Clean/r your head

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Konstnärshuset - Clean/r your head

Exhibition information
Sat 8 December - Sat 29 December

The exhibition "Clean/r Your Head" is entirely devoted to the project "State of Mind". Ninety-five heads are presented in a frieze that runs around the walls of the "Big hall". Interspersed between the heads photomontages are displayed. In "Little Gallery" monoprints appears, also those focused on the head.

State of Mind has developed gradually since 1994. The novelty of this exhibition is the amount of heads and the theme representation in different media such as: sculpture, graphics and digital photomontage.

When the head was modeled in 1994 the basic idea was to create a neutral face that passively allow the beholder to fill it with meaning. A stoic face with an expresion of indifference which does not disclose any obvious emotions.

The project "State of Mind" is based on repetition of the same head. All heads are cast from a mold and are therefore basically the same. The mold (the matrix) is the common denominator. What happens in further processing produces tracks on the head that make up each head's unique history. A single head is interpreted in a way. Two or more heads invite to a comparative interpretation.

The starting point of project "State of Mind" is the tension between the idealistic and realistic view of man. The image of man as autonomous and free are perceived as idealistic. The image of man as subject to political, social and technological factors are perceived as realistic.

How is it that the romantic self-image persists even though it has very little resonance in society? Are we unique? Is there a point in being unique? Is the notion of ourselves as unique and free with high-integrity called into question?

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