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Domeij Gallery - Mejan 85

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Fri 19 May - Sat 17 June
Domeij Gallery

Luntmakargatan 52


Mejan 95

During these times of Spring exhibitions Domeij Gallery has the great pleasure to present a different Spring exihibtion ; Mejan-95
A couple of months ago I got an idea. To gather all of us that graduated from Mejan or the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in the Spring of 1995, now 22 years later we gather through the art, our common denominator.

In this exhibition 18 individual oeuvre, many of them established and well-known names in the context of art and highly active artists with several exhibitions etc behind them. We will show a very dynamic and exciting exhibition with a broad spectrum of painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography.
1995 was the last year the Academy of Fine Arts’ students had studios on both “Mejan” ie the Royal Academy’s traditional premises on Fredsgatan and on Skeppsholmen, the following year the entire school moved to Skeppsholmen.


Annika Johansson


Annika.Örner (lecturer at the department for art theory and history of ideas) at the time wrote in the exhibition catalogue 1995;


“To choose to become an artist is the easiest and at the same time the most difficult one can take on. The most easy because the one doing it for oneself does not have any other choice. The most difficult because one can only create one’s own artist image by trusting oneself, in our time where the artist more than ever is exposed to decree, prohibition, values and disregard – as always.

Nothing is obvious, nothing is given – everything is to be done."


Participating artists are;
Patrik Andiné, Fredrik Arvidsson, Malin Borin, Marco Cueva, Carl-Fredrik Ekström,Carin Hildebrand, Annika Johansson, Johanna Karlin, Mikael Lindbom, Camilla Lundberg, Martina Muntzing, Kennet Pils, Nina von Schmalensee, Christian Simonson, Björn Stampes, Gunnar Söder, Johan Wiking, Amalia Årfelt.

Works info: 

The work is part of the series "Blind Chance". Kenneth Pils pictures are based on randomly chosen image material found on the Internet. He processes the material digitally and then uses it as a visual support in his painting. The random method is used to go beyond biographical references to approach new, unknown image worlds. The physical paint materials, engagement in the work and the sensibility of the moment, transforms the arbitrary material into fascinating and independent works that raise critical questions about images in general (particularly those we see on screens) , artistic intent and interpretation possibilities.