Day 293 (Armchair)

Day 293 (Armchair)



17 cm x
21 cm

'm so hooked on armchairs - especially when they are outdoors. I'm dreaming of an armchair lit by warm sun rays; it gives me comfort and perspective on the world.

Moods is everything. An armchair seen from someone's perspective is a mood. Someone else sees the same thing but in a different way, in another mood.
Something can also be seen from the painting's perspective! Because when I paint I'm listening to the voice of the artwork. It is something that happens in the encounter with the emerging painting - a dialogue - that leads on to something beyond and better than what one can imagine in advance.

Daily paintings made on paper marked with creation day (1-365). There is no effort to keep the works in a special style or theme, each has its own start and end.