Galleri Mejan - Constellation

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Galleri Mejan - Constellation

Exhibition information
lör 22 april
Galleri Mejan

Examensutställning på Konsthögskolan i Stockholm.

This graduate exhibition is focused on poetic freedom and the act of manifesting it. The main imaginary is borrowed from the mid 1700 and early romantic landscape paintings. These artifacts express a political strive (still a dream) for the good, just and natural society. In utopia all seems simple: everything has a clarity without friction.

Stage set
The three-dimensional works are constructed as theatrical scenery with obvious front and back. The back reveals the visual deception.

A pattern of separate objects with different distances from each other that interact in different ways.
I used the term constellation to explain the way I put together works and the exhibition as a whole. Various media and expressive means was collected and put side by side in crossreferential way. To juxtapose two and three dimensional works, painted and photographic images, artifacts and object trové is a way to understand the quality of each media as well as to transgress borders. The idea of merging and juxtapose is important.