Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki - Workshop Ars-95

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Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki - Workshop Ars-95

Exhibition information
Andra studier
sön 26 mars - fre 31 mars
Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki

Kaikukatu 4
00530 Helsinki


Konsthögskolan deltog i Ars-95 genom att skicka elever som deltog i projekt ledda av konstnärer som deltog i den internationella konstutställningen Ars-95. Vår gruppledare var den amerikanska fotografen Lewis Baltz.

Plates of Peace

In the future
When the speed in life intesifies - due to the increasing amount of information, demanding need of mobility and flexibility - the need for moments of peace and stillness also increase. A personal need of blocking out the troublesome takes place. We prefer to sink into peacefulness and forget to take an active role in the community.

Peace has a way to neutralize any action - even when they are justified.

Future Scenario
To make people less aggressive and demanding this type of images will be distributed in the city - in places that look boring, depressing or otherwise causing "negative" feelings. In areas with more crime and violence you see the picture-plates everywhere.

The pragmatic thinking behind these image-plates, reveals the need for efficiency. A roughness which stand in contrast to the airy dreams in the pictures. The image-plate is attached to the wall with two heavy bolts, totally insensitive, in the middle of the picture.

Om konstnären Lewis Baltz72.4 KB