Smålands konstarkiv - 2+2

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Smålands konstarkiv - 2+2

Exhibition information
mån 17 november
Smålands konstarkiv

Utställare: Karin Mamma Andersson, Björn Stampes, Kenneth Pils, Amalia Årfelt


Works info: 

15 plasterheads on brackets.
Oil on canvas, polyurethan figure. 136x43x7cm

Listen to the sound work "Dancing Mammals. " Sound that were played in headphones at one of the heads during the exhibition.

On the wall the heads are both beside and on top of each other- like in a stampcollection. The vertical and horizontal extension is prevalent. Added to this is the third dimension activated by the brackets. Your gaze can move around putting the heads in the physical spatial context.

The brackets are pointing out in the room. Often you chose to look from the side not to be pointed at by the fifteen 35 cm long wooden brackets.
On the back of the wall you can listen to the soundloop “Observations” in headphones. Other works present: “Doorway” , “Justice, Force, Egalite” and “View”