Tollare sports hall - Sport Deco

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Tollare sports hall - Sport Deco

Exhibition information
Thu 14 April
Tollare sports hall

Buyer: Nacka Municipality

Works info: 

Material: Laser cut 3 mm thick plate. All plates blasted, galvanized and powder coated on both sides to be completely corrosion free.
Color: white.

Users of Tollare hall for ball sports are schoolchildren, disabled athletes and adults who plays and sports in the daytime and evening.

The building has the typical sports architecture. A large hangar-like main building and a smaller adjoining building for offices and locker rooms. The smaller building has a beautiful black wood paneling.

A visual play with materials, surface and illusion.
The distance affects how you look. In the distance are raster images illusory, up close you discover rasterization, surface and material.

Also the silhouettes changes depending on distance. Especially at close range, they can be perceived as forms without imagining something. At the same time turning the ambiguity of shapes in the distance. The same applies to the patterned parts in reverse direction on a pattern and close-up of sports people. Overall, it becomes a visual journey of discovery.

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