Project - For Real

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Project - For Real

Exhibition information
Fri 27 July - Sat 27 July

The project are documented at the beginning and end of the period. The heads are collected and displayed along with the documentation.

Works info: 

Size of heads 10-20 cm

Three plaster heads are placed at three sites in Kalwang, Austria. They are left there for a year. What will happen to them - what traces will be visible?

Water - in the stream of water.
Earth - under the moss i the woods.
Air= attached to a tree

The head is of the same prototype as used in all the other "State of Mind" projects. All the heads used have the same origin but are put in various circumstances . Started off as a series of identically entities they become singular/individual works. The working process is highly dependent on the impact from the environment. By gained experience during a year they become personalized, they come to speak with different voices. If they still are there...