Project - Hard experience

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Project - Hard experience

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Mon 30 June
Österikiska Alperna, Gesäuse i Steirmark
Dokumentation av en händelse. Resterna av de sönderslagna huvudena samlas och visas tillsammans med dokumentationen.
Works info: 

ca 15 cm

In this project "State of Mind" gets thrown from heights.
To throw a plaster head evokes ethic problems even if it's just an symbolic artifact. You don't really enjoy to break or harm it. Why is it such an ambivalent and difficult act? It seems like we do not distinguish between symbol and a real person. Or do we hesitate  because we think it will bring bad luck upon us? After the throw, when we are going to seek the broken parts at the "crime scene" it's obvius that the head is just matter- which is a releaf. But it still linger an uneasy feeling.

The event is documented and the parts from the damaged heads are collected.





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