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Sat 28 September
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To paint is to travel.
The hand work - from the sweeping broad overview to the details and back. The gaze inhabits the picture, it walks around looking for a temporary home. When the painting concerns me it becomes my home - for a while anyway.

Several of the houses have biographical significance for me: kindergarten, a pumping station, a grill kiosk. Now, they are seen in new contexts. Specifically, Dutch paintings from the 1600s (Jan van Goyen, Jacob and Salomon van Ruisdael and others). The motifs flows into each other, are reinterpreted, they dissolves and reappear.

Horizon height is the same: it runs right through the pictures. Relation to the paintings is twofold: they can both be seen as part of a larger whole and as individual images. In addition, the installation has a physical shape. It activates the body; you go around and find different angles to see.

Thinking of travelling and all views encountered.

"On the road ... Gaze sweeping across locations - home and base camps for those who inhabits them. Sometimes the gaze stops at one spot. A place that could have been my home. Had it been different? Certainly, not clear how, yet. Daydreaming- the postcard becomes 3-dimensional; the backdrop get a backside, the gap is shrinking.
Waking up to the noise. Now I sit in the car again, on the way home. Anonymous places sweeps past. My base camp is available everywhere - always."