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More about - Diary of Anything

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Wed 8 October
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Diary drawing as a way to uncover "Tacit Knowledge".

Tacit knowledge is the hidden knowledge behind our conscious practices and decision making. How can one make this non tangible, foundational know-how visible?

I position myself in a working situation where I simply start drawing and then let the flow go on until it's enough. An inescapable repertoire of known and unknown practices and imaginary is at the service. It is not my intention to use any of them but they can be activated and accessed through the drawing process.

Every day is a fresh start. No restrictions but the paper size is set. Any trigger to do something is allowed. Sometimes the hand is working automatically sometimes conscious thoughts is controlling. The blankness both in mind and on paper can be intimidating. Why does nothing appear in the void? But maybe it is more surprising that something appear at all! The end result is not very typical of the way I do things and not very consistent- but the result is there on the paper-ready for interpretation.

This can metaphorically be visualized as pouring "Tacit Knowledge" out on the paper.

All together these diary drawings forms a bigger figure that tells you something about the daily flux of know-how, moods and ideas.