Aguélimuseet - Traveller 3

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Aguélimuseet - Traveller 3

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Sat 13 March - Sat 10 April
Vasagatan 17
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Traveller 3

My thoughts revolve around Aguélis last years in Spain (1916-17).
A feeling that he had reached the end of the road after a turbulent life. Living in simple conditions alone in an existential emptiness, but (I think) with a spiritual presence. Perhaps Sufism was more alive to him than before. A unity mysticism with a paradoxical combination of spiritual and sensous dimensions.

On show are newly made paintings based on one of Aguélis small landscape paintings (nr.39 at the museum). The motif is very simple, a forets in the background and a field in front.

Thin very flowing paint, layers on layers. Elements of heavy impasto surfaces. The paintings keeps the sketchy freshness from the inception. Overcoating do not completely erase what's underneath. The surface stores a history of events. A minimalistic color ambiance with emphasis on the horizontal. Stripes and colors that  build up imaginary landscapes. Tranquil- a kind of meditation.

Some quotes of Aguéli:

"Imagine sunset and dawn at the same time. The anarchist dynamiters, splendid, conscious, quiet heroism, culture victims' revenge, dreams of utopian dreamers and artists, intuition, a pale glow albeit, but enclosing the first rays of the sun."

"The enormous eye of the horizon, whose gaze follows you everywhere"