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There is a compulsive reflex to describe intent and prescribe meaning to everything in the world. This need to label and order entities to have everything in neat boxes is effective when building databases but not when it become the dominant way to handle everything in life. Leveling down everything to information makes life one dimensional and insensitive to the parts of life which escapes definition. It can narrow our perception on (and interaction with) things in the world, our fellow beings and our own being.

The world-transforming power of art and poetry is a way to overcome this. Art can address the margin that is undefined and make it tangible. The inexplicable, tacit unconscious is present behind the routines of everyday life. The receptive person are being in contact with that without knowing it. But how can one make it visible?  In the Heideggerian terminology the concept of Being itself is unknowable to Man, and so only some kind of metaphorical language can 'properly' convey Being. But even the metaphors are leveled down today. They have become just a part of the information kit to the extent that they don't bear any meaning.

As a visual artist my favorite way to deal with this is to use random picked images form the internet. I look and use them in unexpected ways to convey non ordered meaning. Mostly this is a painting process where I (together with an open attitude to what happens during the practical work) process visual and physical material to create art works. The aim is  to convey unexpected visual encounters which can be something forgotten, disregarded or something totally new.
The random methods has been varied. For example image search on the internet with random text/number strings. This is put together as image montages and CMYK separations in Photoshop which later is beamed with a projector and painted as layers upside down mostly with left hand.  This is only techniques to lure me to do something which escape my habits. The important thing is what appear in front of me. The work talks back and makes me respond and continue to paint.